A Netflix for Textbooks

Kennesaw State startup will stream online textbooks – at a fraction of the printed cost – right into the hands of college students.

Paul Ngalle

As college textbook costs skyrocket, one Kennesaw State student wants to reduce the steep prices and replace textbook buying with a new digital option.

“It’s like Netflix for textbooks,” said Paul Ngalle, founder of the software startup, TreeCabin, and a mechanical engineering student at Kennesaw State. 

Today’s average textbook cost: $200!

Ngalle’s brainchild began a few years ago while purchasing college textbooks, running around to various bookstores to find the cheapest price. He set out to create an affordable solution and, with the help of four KSU software engineering students and three marketing consultants, launched TreeCabin in fall 2015.


No one else has developed “a crowdsourcing model like this in creating a Netflix-like library of online books,” says KSU’s VP of Research Charles Amlaner

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